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Audi 4.0T Inlets - S6 S7 RS7

Audi 4.0T Inlets - S6 S7 RS7

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• Gain 27whp/32wtq
• Faster Turbo Spool 
• Improved Sound
• Direct Replacement
• Run Stage 2+ Tuning
• 63mm Diameter
• Precise Fitment


The #1 power-adding bolt-on upgrade for your for your 4.0T!  The ARM 4.0T Inlets greatly improve airflow to your turbos by replacing the restrictive OEM inlets.  Upgraded inlets for the 4.0T are so essential that most tuners list it as a required upgrade for any tune above a base Stage 1 tune. 

Installing the ARM 4.0T Inlets will eliminate any restriction of the induction on your 4.0T, allowing your turbos to spool faster, generate more low-end torque and produce higher peak HP, for snappy launches and high trap speeds! 


The ARM 4.0T Inlets are a direct replacement for the OEM inlets on the S6, S7, and RS7.  The ARM 4.0T Inlets will fit any turbocharger setup that uses the OEM inlets.  The ARM 4.0T Inlets are even a substantial improvement over the RS inlets, which have a smaller diameter than the ARM 4.0T Inlets. 


In order to vastly improve airflow over the OEM inlets while still making this a direct replacement, we utilized a 6-Axis machining process to produce the largest piping possible in the space available.  This process was required to contour the inlet piping as to maintain 63mm diameter piping throughout the entirety of the inlets.  The result is the largest inlet piping possible while keeping an OEM-like setup. 

4.0T Inlets

The machined inlet flanges transition to 63mm aluminum piping which extends all the way to the 6-Layer reinforced silicone couplers.  These couplers are extra durable to prevent any deformation during induction on demanding builds.

4.0t inlets

Connected at the other end of the silicone couplers are the J-Pipes from the ARM 4.0T Intake.  The ARM 4.0T Inlets are designed to be paired with the ARM 4.0T Intake which extends the air filters deep within the passenger side airbox cavity to access the coolest air available in the engine bay. The ARM 4.0T Intake Kit utilizes two dry media filters, as opposed to oiled filters which can damage the MAF sensors.  Each filter provides a total surface area of 68 cubic inches, for a total of 136 cubic inches of filter area for the pair. 

Unless you are planning a custom setup of your own, the ARM 4.0T Intake is required to properly fit the ARM 4.0T Inlets as the ARM 4.0T Inlets do not include air filters.  The ARM 4.0T Intake can be added for a discounted add-on price using the options at the top of this page.

4.0T Inlets


If you want to maximize the performance of your ARM 4.0T Intake setup, you will want to opt for ARM 4.0T Heat Shield which helps separate the cold air feeding the intake filters, from the hot air generated by the engine.  This will result in cooler intake air temperatures.  The ARM 4.0T Heat Shield makes a tight seal to the hood, maximizing the amount of cold air being ingested by the ARM 4.0T Intake system.

Audi 4.0T Intake


• 2x Inlets
• 2x Silicone Hoses
• 2x Turbo O-Rings
• 4x Turbo Bolts
• 2x Clamps


Make Chassis Model Engine
S7 4.0T
C7.5 S6
AUDI C7.5 S7 4.0T
AUDI C7 RS7 4.0T
AUDI C7.5 RS7 4.0T


Every ARM Motorsports product is backed by a lifetime warranty which is automatically issued at the time of purchase. Your warranty protects you against any defects in craftsmanship or fitment. The warranty entitles you to a replacement unit.
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