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Audi 4.0T Intake - S6 S7 RS7

Audi 4.0T Intake - S6 S7 RS7

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• Increase Airflow
• Faster Turbo Spool 
• Improved Sound
• No Cutting or Trimming Required
• 30 Minute Installation



The ARM 4.0T Intake allows your Audi V8 turbos to breathe better by improving airflow to the turbochargers The Audi 4.0T Intake system is comprised of two primary components, the first is the intake portion, the second is the turbo inlets.  When upgrading both of these components together it is considered a "Full Intake" upgrade.  The inlet portion of the intake system is the most critical component of the induction system as it is the main bottle-neck in the OEM design.  The intake portion of the induction system (the filters and intake runner tubes) must be paired with the inlets to meet the requirements of running Stage 2 and higher tunes.  This is considered a Full Intake upgrade (Intake + Inlets)

 Audi 4.0T Intake


 The ARM 4.0T Intake Kit utilizes two dry media filters, as opposed to oiled filters which can damage the MAF sensors.  Each filter provides a total surface area of 68 cubic inches, for a total of 136 cubic inches of filter area for the pair. 

Audi 4.0T Intake

The filters connect to the intake runner pipes which measure 70mm, 55% larger than the plastic 45mm OEM Intake runner pipes.  The ARM intake runner pipes are made of T6061 aluminum. 

The intake runner pipes transition to the 6-Layer reinforced silicone couplers, which are extra durable to prevent any deformation during demanding induction.  Depending on your application you can select either the OEM Inlet Couplers or RS Inlet Couplers.

Audi 4.0T Intake


The ARM 4.0T Intake comes in several variations to suit your build exactly as you want it to.  The basic ARM 4.0T Intake kit comes with the ARM Dry Filters, Intake Runner Pipes, and Silicone Couplers.  Select OEM, RS, or ARM Inlets based on the descriptions below.


OEM Inlet Couplers
- Select this option if you have an S6 or S7 with the OEM Inlets installed.  These couplers transition from 70mm to the OEM Inlet size of 55mm to fit the OEM inlets on the S6 or S7 4.0T.  

Audi 4.0T Intake

RS Inlet Couplers - Select this option if you have an S6 or S7 with RS Inlets installed, or if you have an RS7 with the OEM inlets.  If you have the OEM RS Inlets installed on your 4.0T these couplers will allow you to adapt the ARM 4.0T Intake to the RS Inlets.  The RS Inlet Couplers transition from 70mm to 66mm.  

Audi 4.0T Intake

ARM Inlets
- If you order the ARM 4.0T Inlets with your ARM Intake Kit, you will not need either the OEM or RS Inlet Couplers.  Rather, you will be provided with the full billet inlet kit with the appropriate couplers to connect your ARM Inlets with your ARM Intake.  Upgraded Inlets are required for most Stage 2 and higher tunes. 


Heat Shield - If you want to maximize the performance of your ARM 4.0T Intake, you will want to opt for the additional Heat Shield which separates the cold air feeding the intake filters, from the hot air generated by the engine.  This will result in cooler intake air temperatures.  The ARM 4.0T Heat Shield makes a tight seal to the hood, maximizing the amount of cold air being ingested by the ARM 4.0T Intake system.

Audi 4.0T Intake


• 2x ARM Dry Filters
• 2x ARM Intake Pipes
• 2x ARM Silicone Couplers
• 4x T-Bolt Clamps
• 2x Worm Clamps
• 1x ARM Aluminum Heat Shield (Optional)
• 2x ARM 4.0T Inlets (Optional)


Make Chassis Model Engine
S7 4.0T
C7.5 S6
AUDI C7.5 S7 4.0T
AUDI C7 RS7 4.0T
AUDI C7.5 RS7 4.0T


Every ARM Motorsports product is backed by a lifetime warranty which is automatically issued at the time of purchase. Your warranty protects you against any defects in craftsmanship or fitment. The warranty entitles you to a replacement unit.
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